Parrish Construction

Getting Started

At Parrish Construction Co., we want you to have it your way.

  1. If you’re interested in design-build, let us provide and lead your team. We have the experience and skill to deliver your project on time and on budget.
  2. If you have already completed your plans and specifications, we’d love to build for you. We’d be happy to tell you if your plans are feasible with your budget and provide you with an estimate.  Contact us.
  3. If you’ve recently hired your architect, and the design has just begun, we’d love to be part of a virtual design-build team, and work with you and your architect to provide cost feedback and our experience with what materials and construction techniques yield the best value.

Getting Started with Design/Build

Communication is vital to successfully completing your project, and we make every effort to be available to you by e-mail, cell phones, and even a home phone number, if necessary.  We don’t want your remodeling project or building your new home to be a daunting and overwhelming undertaking, which is why we’ve developed the processes and procedures to make your project run smoothly.

Hopefully you’ve flipped through some magazines and started a file of inspiration images, and maybe you’ve even read some of Larry’s Blog articles, like “How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor” and “Why You Should Remodel Now.” We also invite you to browse our Portfolio for example images and information about the various types of projects we specialize in, including Kitchens, Baths, Custom Cabinets, Remodels & New Homes and Commercial Finishes. There you may also take a 360 Degree Virtual Tour of several of our projects.

Your journey begins now with a free consultation where we learn about your needs and desires, and find out whether our services are a good fit for you. Once you’ve decided to hire Parrish Construction, we will guide you every step of the way. Just as an airline pilot consults his checklist before landing, our detailed checklists ensure that your project finishes on time, on budget and to code. The following is only a general outline of the building process and the steps necessary to complete your project.

I.  Feasibility—the intersection of dreams and reality

  1. Imagine the possibilities.  It’s creative.  It’s fun…but is it practical?
  2. Defining local rules & green requirements
  3. Documenting existing conditions
  4. Preliminary floor plans, elevations, and product selections
  5. Establishing a budget & preliminary estimate

II.  Design—working with the details

  1. Refining the final concept drawings into finished blueprints
  2. Assembling your construction team
  3. Approving the final Description of Work
  4. Determining the final budget
  5. The Construction Commitment
  6. Preliminary schedule of work is approved

III.  Construction—making your dreams a reality

  1. Signing of Construction Contract
  2. Confirming Start Date
  3. Finalizing Construction Schedule
  4. Ordering of products and preparations for site
  5. Communicating regularly with all team members
  6. Completion of project on-time and on-budget

You are likely to remodel or build, at best, a few times in your life. On the other hand, we’ve been doing it for over 40 years, a lifetime in its own right.  Our staff continue to be industry leaders by attending continuing education programs on new technology including green technology.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation or have further questions, Contact Us.