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February 27th, 2013 Posted in Appliances, Laundry Rooms, Space-Saving/Organization
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Does doing laundry make you a basket case? Traditionally laundry rooms were place by the back garage door or in a ‘mud room’. The idea of a ‘mud room’ to wash your hands if you’ve been working in the yard is great, but who really needs the washer & dryer in there?

In an agricultural setting this makes sense. You could come in from the field covered in mud and shed your clothes on the back porch where the washing machine live without tracking dirt all through the house. It is also more convenient to hang wet laundry outside to dry when the washer is by the back door.

For urban folks and suburban commuters, it’s not so convenient. You walk right past your washer and dryer, through the house to your bedroom closet to change into something more comfortable. Then, someone has to collect all the dirty laundry in a large basket and cart it back through the house (sometimes down flights of stairs) to the laundry room. After they’re dry, you have to haul them back upstairs to put away.

If you have the space and plumbing available, such as near a master bath, consider relocating your laundry room to save steps and increase efficiency. It could be as simple as putting them in an existing or new closet with folding doors, or a dedicated room with folding counters and storage. A professional remodeler can help you explore that possibility.

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Last word: Here’s a suggestion we found on Something to consider!

“Dedicate your laundry room carefully. If you find clothes strewn about the house, it might have something to do with the location of your laundry room. ‘Instead, locate your laundry room near a bathroom or bedroom. That makes it easy to peel off your dirty clothes, and toss them into a laundry bin located not too far from your washer and dryer.’ ”


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